Thank you all for co-creating an amazing experience at BOLO 2012. We can proudly say this was the most phenomenal showing of speakers and attendees we’ve ever had. Please check out our post-BOLO recap on our blog here for some great insights captured at BOLO this year: Wisdom

Last year’s exceptional is this year’s acceptable. It’s time to step up your game.

This year, BOLO plans on letting you in on a little secret, a secret hipsters are all too familiar with: “normal” just isn’t cool anymore. And while we’re not advocating you grow a neck beard or plan a last minute trek to Coachella, we do encourage you to take a look at this year’s BOLO 2012 line-up. In today’s fast-paced world of fragmented media, enhanced targeting, instant feedback, new influencers and emerging technologies, agencies can’t be content (or successful) with the norm.

Relationships are no longer bought, they’re earned. Success is no longer hoped for, it’s expected. Are you proving to your clients that your agency is on the cusp of this re-norming paradigm shift?

From new video production techniques to online marketing campaigns, innovation is key to sustaining even the largest of companies going forward.

BOLO 2012 brings you the top talent, timely topics and tasty tonics you’ve come to expect (yeah, we alliterate). And since we like to keep things exclusive (yet another hipsterism we’ve taken to heart), seating is limited to 250 of our closest agency friends. So if you like what you see, secure your spot now.


BOLO 2012 is being held entirely at hip Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. The hotel is offering a special rate of $169 / night + tax and fees for BOLO attendees. Be sure to contact them soon as space is limited. We recommend checking in on Sunday, October 7th and checking out on Wednesday, October 10th given the full schedule.