State of the Agency 2012 — Infographic

How does your agency stack up in the digital realm? And how do you plan to meet future demands in this rapidly-changing field?

Our friends at The Agency Post decided to find out. In their words: “The Agency Post surveyed industry professionals attending the BOLO 2012 digital marketing conference to get a snapshot of the advertising industry. We wanted to know about today’s client demands, what agencies are doing in digital and what changes they are making internally to meet rising expectations.”

Their survey resulted in the beautiful and informative infographic below.

State of the Agency Infographic

As we come closer to BOLO 2012, we are excited to see what challenges and changes agencies are facing, because well, we know that our entourage of experts speaking at BOLO will share most of the answers with attendees. It’s like having a study session before an exam where the teacher works out 90% of the problems and just changes the numbers on the exam. Get your cheat sheets ready.

We hope this infographic gives you a good idea of what agencies today are facing in the digital realm, and what type of agencies you can expect to see at BOLO.

To check out The Agency Post’s original article on their infographic, go here.

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