Charlie Wollborg: Chief Trouble Maker

We can’t wait to meet some of these BOLO 2011 speakers next week! They are an interesting bunch and Charlie Wollborg is no exception.  It’s no wonder his title is Chief Troublemaker at Curve Detroit! Charlie will be joining C.C. Chapman and presenting in the Content Super Forum.

BOLO: What do you like to discuss with close friends?
Charlie: There’s nothing I love more than throwing a few sacred cows on the barbie: politics, sex, religion – if you’re not supposed to talk about it in polite company, I can’t wait to discuss. I also can lose a few hours debating the virtue of social tools and/or new business models. I’m a business and tech info junkie.

BOLO: What do you love about the marketing industry?
Charlie: Applied creativity. I love seeing a creative concept launch a new idea or a new industry.

BOLO: What do you hate about it?
Charlie: We seem to be a petty, thin-skinned bunch at times.

BOLO: Why do you think your BOLO topic is important in today’s marketing climate?
Charlie: Social media is not going to be a specialty for much longer – do you see many telephone or email gurus making the rounds? Social tools will continue to come and go, but corporate storytelling and content marketing are the big opportunities for agencies to master long term.

BOLO: List 5 things about you that only your (best friend/spouse/dog) knows about you?

  1. Loves bacon and loves chocolate but not chocolate covered bacon.
  2. Hates people who flick cigarette butts out the window, poorly designed billboards and speed limits.
  3. Produced the TEDxDetroit conference, now in its third year.
  4. Thinks Leelanau Peninsula is among the most beautiful spots on the planet.

BOLO: If you’ve attended BOLO before, what was your favorite memory? If you haven’t attended, what are you looking forward to the most?
Charlie: I love smaller conferences. More opportunities for meaningful conversations. You look at the roster of not just speakers – but the attendees. There are plenty of thought leaders and people making it happen in the real world at BOLO.

BOLO: What other BOLO speaker(s) are YOU excited to hear/see/drink under the table?
Charlie: Scott Stratten makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. I learn something from Jay Baer every time he opens his mouth. CC Chapman is like the grand poobah of new marketing.


Charlie Wollborg

Charlie Wollborg is Chief Troublemaker and Founding Partner at Curve Detroit Marketing Strategy & Creative Design. As a marketing strategist and creative director, he has delivered blue sky ideas and bottom line results for blue chip national clients and budding challenger brands. He is the Curator of TEDxDetroit  and a Community Builder at Motor City Connect.

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