Insights of BOLO 2012

What better way to recap our conference than with the most potent lessons learned from it?

We’ve put together the best-of-the-best Tweets that came out of BOLO 2012. We hope to both remind those who attended what they learned, and share with those who could not make it this year the great thought-leadership that was present at the conference.

Soak in this wisdom, then apply it; knowledge without action is worthless. Here we go.

  • “Embracing uncertainty is trainable.” @jonathanfields
  • “Content is fire, social media is gasoline” @jaybaer
  • “SEO should be part of the whole process, not the last step of it” @nickroshon
  • “If there is not a business reason behind a social effort, you shouldn’t be doing it.” @DrewMcLellan
  • “Social is not a channel. It’s a layer.” @webby2001
And to finish on a powerful note, contemplate the wise words of Jay Baer:
  • “The difference between “helping” and “selling” is two letters. But those letters make all the difference.” @jaybaer

If you have other insights you’d like to share, please Tweet us at @boloaz or @agencyside

Thank you for co-creating a great conference this year. We hope to see you back at BOLO 2013!

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